Monday, 9 December 2013

Eric Johnson's favorite guitars - Gibson, Martin, Del Vecchio, Fender

Eric Johnson's favorite guitars

Gibson ES-335
: Eric Johnson's favorite Gibson that he owns. The guitar has a thick lead tone.

Gibson ES-150 : A very special guitar for Eric Johnson. He was just 3 yrs old when he first heard it being played at a family gathering and later it was gifted to him by the widow of the previous owner.

Martin D-45 : A 1980 D-45 which was given to Eric Johnson by his father. Eric wrote songs like "Song for George", "I'm Finding You" and "Once Upon a Time in Texas" on this guitar.

Del Vecchio : This particular guitar was gifted to Eric Johnson by late Chet Atkins. It's one of many Del Vecchios Atkins owned.

Prototype Fender EJ Strat : This is the very first signature Fender strat made for Eric Johnson. It is a prototype with Eric's name on the back.

Signature Fender Strat : Eric Johnson's off-the-shelf signature Fender Stratocaster.

Videos from by Max Crace and Ryan Rhea. Read the full interview here.


  1. I think he collect some of Gibson Sg type too :)

  2. It's so nice to hear Eric playing so comfortably in various styles on different brands and types of guitars. I'm sorry I missed him with Steve Vai a couple of weeks ago since they played just up the road a piece. I could have kicked myself.

  3. Great guitars! Of course, Eric could make a shoestring tied between two fence posts sound good...

    1. true that man, he's some overly skilled Guitar God and gotta say I especially love trademark and Cliffs of Dover(the REAL CoD)

  4. Gotta say I admire his collection, I'm lucky enough to have a similar es 335(although mine is a dot) but same colour!