Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Beck's Bolero by Eric Johnson - a tribute to Jeff Beck

Freeway Jam: To Beck and Back"Beck's Bolero" is a rock instrumental recorded by English guitarist Jeff Beck in 1966. It is Beck's first solo recording and has been described as "one of the great rock instrumentals, epic in scope, harmonically and rhythmically ambitious yet infused with primal energy".

Several artists have recorded "Beck's Bolero", including SRC, The Posies, Les Fradkin, Eric Johnson, and Return to Forever. Jimmy Page used it in the medley portion of "How Many More Times" for the Led Zeppelin debut album.

Eric Johnson released his version of the song as a single on Oct 02, 2007. "Freeway Jam: To Beck and Back" album also features the track along with performances by some of the greatest names in progressive jazz/fusion, blues and rock guitar, each paying tribute to rock guitar icon Jeff Beck.

'Freeway Jam: To Beck and Back' is available on Amazon and the track is available as a single on iTunes.


  1. Nice tip of the hat with the hot rod.

  2. I remember back in the day... last concert of a tour in the early 90's performed at the Colosseum. Best concert ever!