Saturday, 16 November 2013

Shawn Lane playing Eric Johnson's "Trademark" (1988 & 2000)

Shawn Lane with The Willy's playing "Trademark" by Eric Johnson at The Stage Stop in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1988.

Shawn Lane plays "Trademark" by Eric Johnson with Barry Bays on Bass, Tommy Priakos on Keys, and Chip LeVerne on drums, at the Poplar Lounge in Memphis, on August 25, 2000

Shawn Lane (1963-2003)
(Photo by Carl Johan Grimmack)
A fan of Shawn Lane says, "Seeing a master like Shawn playing other artist's songs only begins to show me how much this man loved music."

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Click Here to listen to Eric Johnson & Shawn Lane play "Spanish Castle Magic" (by Jimi Hendrix) at B.B. Kings Blues Club, Memphis, Tennessee, on August 13, 1993.

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